Federal Manager's Daily Report

Only 213 of 668 finalists for the 2013 Presidential Management Fellows Program have received appointments to a two-year fellowship with only a few weeks until the April 8 deadline, at which time they will become ineligible.

PMA finalists have one year to find a job. Once appointed they are guaranteed two years at GS 9, 10 or 11, and afforded an extended developmental opportunity somewhere outside of their organization. At the end of the two years they may be noncompetitively converted to full time status. However, appointments have been hard to come by in the past year due to sequestration and budget constraints.


OPM director Katherine Archuleta recently turned down a request to extend the deadline for another year. Instead she said the agency would hold two in-person job fairs for finalists–the first took place last week at OPM, and a second is to be determined.

She said OPM would also host a pre-career fair workshop with finalists to provide strategies for marketing skills and talents to agencies, and work with agency PMF coordinators as they receive fiscal 2014 funding to accelerate position postings in the PMF Talent Acquisition System to select finalists prior to April8.