Federal Manager's Daily Report

Image: perfectlab/Shutterstock.com

Cutting back or eliminating telework would cause five out of six HHS and SSA employees to consider whether to leave or retire from their jobs, a union-sponsored survey has found.

Increased time and commuting costs and reduced productivity were the most commonly cited reasons for employees becoming more willing to leave.


The survey involved about 1,600 employees at HHS–primarily in its subagency FDA–and about 700 at SSA’s office of hearings operations, two units represented by the NTEU union. Those are two of the several major federal departments and agencies that have been moving to limit availability of telework, one of the many points of contention between federal unions and the Trump administration.

In a letter to HHS, the union said that “if management continues moving to cut telework, HHS and FDA will lose some of our most valued and experienced civil servants–and this is not something the agency and taxpayers can afford to happen . . . Telework is a smart, progressive program that is good for HHS, employees and taxpayers.”