Federal Manager's Daily Report

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The Treasury Department and OMB—which are responsible for ensuring that federal spending information reported by federal agencies and published on USAspending.gov is accurate and complete—have made progress on validating the data they receive from agencies for posting “but they could improve how they report it online,” GAO has said.

“For example, the website doesn’t always disclose issues related to the quality of the data, such as information that isn’t included in the data that an agency reports,” a report said.


It said that of 101 agencies, 83 had submitted their data files on time for the March 31 deadline but 19 did not include data in the required file that links budget and award information needed to effectively track federal spending. Also, some did not meet data standards; hundreds of billions of dollars in obligations were reported with a program activity of “Unknown/Other.”

GAO said that OMB and Treasury generally agreed with recommendations directed at consistent use of data standards and improvements to business process controls, data standards and disclosure of known data limitations.

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