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The Postal Service has announced a hiring freeze on management positions and has said it will ask OPM for permission to offer early-outs and buyouts to non-bargaining unit employees, the latest in a series of changes following the recent appointment of Louis DeJoy as postmaster general.

The USPS meanwhile is restructuring into three main operational lines–retail and delivery operations; logistics and processing operations; and commerce and business solutions—and has appointed leaders for each, along with several other C-suite positions.


The announcements follow recent changes in processing and delivery procedures designed to reduce overtime and other costs by adhering more closely to regular schedules even though delays in delivery may result. Numerous members of Congress have been pressing the agency to fully explain those steps, and language to block them has been proposed.

The USPS at the same time has announced operating losses in its third fiscal quarter of $2.2 billion, about the same as in the prior year, despite a surge of almost 60 percent in revenue from package delivery during the pandemic. USPS said there is “great uncertainty” whether that higher level will continue, however, and meanwhile revenue from first class and advertising mail were down by 6.4 and 37.2 percent.

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