Federal Manager's Daily Report

USPS consistently rates tops in public opinion surveys. This year

The Postal Service once again received the highest public approval ratings among federal agencies in a poll conducted by the Gallup organization, with 74 percent saying it is doing a good or excellent job.

The USPS also rated tops in the prior surveys, in 2014 and 2017, with the VA once again at the bottom, with just 39 percent saying it is doing a good or excellent job. The VA also had the highest negative ratings, with 28 percent saying it is doing a poor job.

Following the USPS on the positive end were the Secret Service, the CDC and the CIA. NASA, the FBI, DHS, FEMA and the IRS all were rated as good or excellent by at least half of respondents, while on the negative end the EPA, FDA and Federal Reserve Board were just above the VA. Other than the VA, only the EPA and FDA had negatives above 20 percent.

Ratings overall held about steady, with a notable increase of six percentage points in favorable views of the Secret Service and five points for the IRS. In some cases views of agencies differ substantially according to the party affiliation of the respondent, with Democrats being more favorable toward the FBI, for example.

Said Gallup, “Americans’ trust in the federal government to solve both domestic and international problems was at a low ebb in January. Nevertheless, public faith in many of the specific federal agencies charged with doing the nation’s business remains quite strong, similar to the levels seen in 2017 and generally improved from 2014. However, although most of the federal organizations tested are viewed positively by Americans, some key ones — namely the Department of Veterans’ affairs, the EPA and the FDA — have work to do to repair perceptions that their operations are subpar.”