Federal Manager's Daily Report

As a result of downsizing in response to declining mail volume and the retirement eligibility of about 31 percent of its workforce the Postal Service is at risk of losing the extensive knowledge required to manage its vast operations, the USPS inspector general has said in calling for a knowledge management strategy.

USPS has about 150,000 retirement-eligible employees, manages over 31,700 retail locations and operates one of the largest IT infrastructures in the world. However, it lacks a comprehensive knowledge management policy or process or a chief knowledge officer to ensure that knowledge sharing is systematic and collaborative, according to the IG.


It said that knowledge management elements exist within several Postal Service systems to capture some tacit and explicit knowledge but they are not well defined.

A comprehensive Postal Service knowledge management process would enable management to leverage information from throughout the organization for strategic decision-making and new initiatives, the IG said. It also called on USPS to join the Federal Knowledge Management Working Group, which has experts to assist, inform, and support development and implementation of a comprehensive knowledge management strategy.