Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Postal Service has established a preventive maintenance program for the 195 million square feet of roofs atop its owned facilities but like many other aspects related to upkeep of its more than 8,300 facilities, the program suffers from lack of funding among other problems, an IG report has said.

Auditors reviewed a statistical sample of 203 facilities and concluded that the program “was not effective in ensuring the inspection of the roofs of all its owned facilities, having roofs inspected at a prescribed frequency, or addressing any identified critical issues … These issues occurred due to a combination of ineffective controls, budget constraints, and management decisions.”


USPS lacks an accurate inventory of all its owned facilities to ensure that all are appropriately inspected; did not address contractor recommendations, or used a different approach, for eight facilities with roofing issues deemed critical; and did not consistently track manufacturer warranty data, it said.

“For a roofing preventive maintenance program to be effective, the facility owner should implement the recommended course of action to immediately re-roof those in critical condition,” it said. “Failing to conduct prescribed roofing inspections increases the risk that the life expectancy of roofs will be reduced, required repairs will go undetected and escalate, and, ultimately, that manufacturer warranties may be voided, resulting in additional repair costs.”

The report is the latest in a series by the IG’s office finding maintenance issues at postal facilities, some of which it has found to raise safety concerns.