Federal Manager's Daily Report

The VA and the CDC have entered an agreement for the sharing of mortality data designed to produce a better understanding of public health risks and better identify opportunities for interventions.

The VA will directly deliver patient mortality data from its electronic health record system into the CDC’s Modernizing Death Reporting project, which seeks to increase the speed, quality and interoperability of mortality data from by federal agencies and others.


Said a VA announcement, “A component of vital statistics, mortality data provides a critical view of the overall health of the nation. Moreover, mortality data identifies important variables for those dying in the U.S., assisting with the modeling of population life expectancy and cross-comparisons for health factors.”

It said the interagency agreement “marks a shift in the way that mortality data has traditionally been provided, increasing the speed of data transmission and mitigating any loss of data value due to decreased interoperability.” Faster delivery will enable “faster analysis and the delivery of more timely healthcare interventions,” it said.