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The VA has released results of its 2020 employee survey showing that employees are more positive about several aspects of their jobs, in a year in which VA employees were stressed both personally and professionally by the pandemic.

For example, 71 percent said they were overall satisfied or very satisfied with their jobs compared with 11 percent dissatisfied or very dissatisfied (and the rest neutral or didn’t respond); in comparison, those figures for 2019 were 67 and 13 percent, respectively.


Similarly, the satisfaction/dissatisfaction split was 66/13 in 2020 vs. 61/16 in 2019 regarding their organization overall; 57/19 vs. 56/21 regarding the information they receive from management on what’s going on in the organization; 57/19 vs. 56/22 regarding their involvement in decisions that affect their work; and 57/20 vs. 55/21 regarding the recognition they receive for doing a good job.

Also, 66 percent agreed or strongly agreed that their workload is reasonable vs. 18 percent who disagreed or strongly disagreed, compared with 62 and 21 percent in 2019. Similarly, 72 percent would recommend the VA as a place to work and 11 percent wouldn’t, compared with 68 and 12 percent in 2019.

The VA employee differs in several ways from the standard Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey administered government-wide but has those questions and some others in common. Due to the pandemic, the FEVS survey was delayed from the spring to the fall, with an accompanying delay in the release of results. OPM in January did say that measures of employee satisfaction overall had improved from 2019.

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