Federal Manager's Daily Report

West Palm Beach, Fla. - June 7, 2015: VA medical center

The VA’s health care branch, the Veterans Health Administration, has set a new employee integrity code covering ethical standards and obligations as well as whistleblower protections.

According to a fact sheet, while the code is the first of its kind there, it “is not new policy – it simply brings together the patchwork quilt of existing material into one high-level, umbrella document.”


The code specifies standards for what it calls a “high-reliability organization” including: integrity of the workplace including policies on discrimination, conflict of interest, harassment and others; quality of care, patient rights and privacy of information; integrity in financial matters and asset protection; personal and family financial interests; obligations to report violations of criminal code; and non-retaliation policy.

Also included are sample scenarios, points of contact and other information.