Federal Manager's Daily Report

The VA has created an employee “journey map” presenting a career there as a customer experience, modeled after a similar map it has been using for several years for services to veterans.

“The journey map is based on 11,000 insights collected from a diverse set of VA employees across 33 geographic areas. VA will use employee insights acquired from the EX journey map to also make improvements that will help the department attract top-talent, and continue to rise in the “Best Places to Work” rankings among federal agencies,” the VA said, suggesting that other agencies could apply the same approach.


The map identifies “moments that matter” which “may have significant impact on employees’ experiences” ranging from finding out about agency jobs through the application process, and once hired selecting benefits, making connections and adapting to the agency culture.

Also highlighted are key considerations such as understanding performance evaluations, setting career goals, pursuing training and other career development, considering different positions and applying for and moving into them, and ultimately leaving the agency and staying connected afterward.

The map is at https://www.va.gov/ve/docs/VAEmployeeExperienceJourneyMap.pdf

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