Federal Manager's Daily Report

The VA did not meet its 2018 target of $85.4 million in savings and cost avoidances related to data center consolidations, an IG report has said, largely because it “did not maintain complete and updated data center inventories or include sufficient plans.”

The department’s office of information and technology communicated standards and reporting requirements only to its own staff, excluding other components with IT responsibilities including those with data center management responsibilities, it said. Also, the VA’s national data center “did not have an effective process to confirm the accuracy of reported data center information” and without such an inventory “or credible plans to increase efficiency and achieve savings, VA will continue to operate in an IT environment that is at greater risk for duplication and waste.”

The IG recommended VA determine which servers are subject to its data center optimization initiative guidance, communicate requirements to all staff responsible for VA data centers, validate the accuracy and completeness of reported data center information, establish a VA-wide data center inventory process, and ensure the data center optimization initiative strategic plan is complete and aligns to target goals.