Federal Manager's Daily Report

The VA has announced a plan to dispose of all of its excess buildings over the next 24 months by either demolishing them or designating them for reuse.

The department has 430 vacant or nearly vacant buildings that are on average more than 60 years old, and that cost more than $7 million a year to maintain, an announcement said. The department says that it has begun disposal or reuse processes on 71, that it will begin that process on the same number in the next six months and will do the same with the remainder by the end of the 24-month period.

VA meanwhile will review another 784 underutilized buildings “to determine if additional efficiencies can be identified to be reinvested,” it said.

Also, the Veterans Benefits Administration, the largest VA component, is freezing its footprint and will seek to eliminate space no longer needed for reasons including telework programs and the digitization of claims files. It said that could save nearly $16 million annually.