Federal Manager's Daily Report

An IG report credits the VA with improving reporting on workforce data, a longstanding concern of congressional leaders on veterans’ issues that resulted in reporting requirements unique to that department being enacted into law.

That law required VA to post data on employment levels, vacancies, time-to-hire and more on a public website and further required the IG to report on the department’s compliance. The IG said that the VA has “ensured compliance with the reporting requirements for vacancies and employee gains and losses.”


“Vacancies were reported by specific occupational series as required, which allows the public to see whether unfilled positions were greater in clinical occupations or nonclinical roles. Additionally, VA properly published staffing gains and losses by quarter, as opposed to fiscal year-to-date,” it said.

Those were improvements over the results of an IG review last year, which found that VA’s reporting of staff vacancies and employee gains and losses “was not sufficiently transparent to allow tracking, as vacancies were reported in broad occupational groupings and gains and losses were reported in aggregate numbers.”

The new report noted that vacancies held about steady throughout fiscal 2019 at around 50,000. Occupations with the highest vacancy rates include physicians, nurses, human resources specialists, police officers, general engineering, and custodial workers.

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