Federal Manager's Daily Report

The GSA, which manages vehicle fleets on behalf of other federal agencies, maintains an excessive number of vehicles in its own fleet in the Washington, D.C. area, an IG report has said.

GSA issues federal management regulations governing the management and control of government motor vehicles owned or leased through GSA Fleet, policies that set minimum mileage usage needs to justify the assignment of a vehicle based on its type—12,000 miles per year for a standard passenger vehicle, for example. A 2016 review concluded that the optimal fleet in the GSA national capital region was 250 vehicles.


In practice, the GSA ended fiscal 2019 with only 148 vehicles in the region, but still most of those “were underutilized and did not comply with either minimum federal or GSA mileage guidelines.” Even under an alternative policy that allows for lower mileage minimums based on certain other considerations such as the number of days per year a vehicle is used, nine-tenths did not meet those minimums, it added.

GSA “could not identify any documented standard operating procedure or criteria for evaluating the utilization of its internal fleet vehicles and making determinations about whether to add, eliminate, retain, or replace a vehicle,” it said, estimating that GSA spent an unnecessary $350,000 annually on vehicles that did not meet even the lower standards.

GSA management commented that since the review, the agency has reduced the fleet still further and said that “we will implement a plan to remove even more underutilized vehicles from the inventory moving forward.”

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