Federal Manager's Daily Report

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The percentage of veterans in the federal workforce has leveled off after rising slightly in prior years, at 31.1 percent of all employees and 32.9 percent of the core workforce of full-time, permanent, non-seasonal employees, OPM has reported.

Those figures, covering fiscal year 2017, are the same as in fiscal 2016 after rising by about a percentage point each from fiscal 2013. Since a 2009 executive order telling agencies to put even more emphasis on hiring of veterans under long-standing preference policies, the percentage in the total workforce has risen from 25.8 percent.


The percentages remained stable even as the percentage of new hires fell from 31 to 28 percent in the total workforce and from 42 to 39.4 percent among full-time, permanent, non-seasonal employees.

Among agencies, those with the highest percentages of veterans in their total workforces were Air Force, 57.2; Army, 50.5; Navy, 43.1; other Defense entities, 37.5; Transportation, 36.7; and VA; 32.4. On the low end were HHS, 7.5; NSF, 8.4; and EPA, 8.9.

OPM said it “will pursue efforts to publicize that veterans constitute a valuable source of candidates to meet the challenges faced by federal agencies. Additionally, we are expanding our focus to support increased opportunities for military spouses to obtain federal careers, and encouraging agencies to increase the use of the noncompetitive hiring authority for military spouses, where appropriate.”