Federal Manager's Daily Report

OPM has announced a four-part webinar series on recruiting and retaining for cybersecurity positions, an occupational group where the “skills gap” has been a concern government-wide for years.

The webinars are designed for IT and cybersecurity workforce developers; hiring managers with responsibility for building and developing cybersecurity talent; human resource specialists; curriculum developers and instructors who train the IT and cybersecurity workforce; among others.


The first, on pay flexibilities available to agencies to use in such positions, will be July 21, followed by one on hiring flexibilities August 11, candidate assessment September 15, and interpretative guidance October 1.

Objectives include to “create a sense of community among individuals in federal departments and agencies with similar responsibilities for building a superior cybersecurity workforce”; “provide strategic and program updates from key departments and agencies that influence cybersecurity workforce legislation, policy, guidance, and standards”; and “highlight key projects and initiatives that support the growth and sustainment of the federal cybersecurity workforce.”

Registration and other information is at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/federal-cybersecurity-workforce-four-part-webinar-series-registration-109857843768.

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