Federal Manager's Daily Report

Several bills that recently cleared the committee level in the House and Senate could be brought to floor voting for potential enactment before the current Congress expires at year’s end, following the release of explanatory reports. They include:

HR-2196, to specify that whistleblower protections apply to federal employees who make disclosures to their own supervisors and other above them in the chain of command.

S-2374, to require the SSA to improve the accuracy of the death data it collects and more widely share it with other agencies for preventing improper payments, improving tax administration, aiding law enforcement and other purposes.

S-3031, to require agencies to conduct an annual inventory and assessment of personal property such as technology, furniture, and equipment, identify excess, and regularly inventory accountable personal property.

HR-1662, to prohibit smoking in any Veterans Health Administration facility.

HR-5079, to encourage DHS to assign employees to work with state-based “fusion centers” which centralize security and law enforcement-related information, set goals for information sharing between them and DHS, and measure progress towards those goals as well as the effectiveness of the assignments.