The White House has issued a summary of what it deems the significant agency management steps it has undertaken in its first year following an executive order and follow-up OMB memo to reorganize agencies and eliminate what it called “outdated, unnecessary, or dysfunctional programs.” Among the initiatives cited were:

* Agriculture “merged overlapping offices throughout the department such as those overseeing commodity procurement, food quality grading, and nutrition.”
* Energy “will empower the National Laboratories to focus on mission-critical work and return the department to its original three under secretary statutory framework, which will better advance priorities, address present and future energy challenges, and refocus the department on its core missions.”
* Interior “is restructuring the bureaucracy and establishing common regional boundaries to facilitate coordination between bureaus.”
* State is “realigning priorities to most effectively and efficiently meet the country’s diplomatic and national security needs.”
* Defense is “incorporating business reforms, coupling increased performance with affordability to ensure the best value is gained from each taxpayer dollar.”