Federal Manager's Daily Report

President Biden has issued an executive order creating an “initiative on advancing educational equity, excellence, and economic opportunity for Hispanics” which among other things calls for some two dozen Cabinet departments and large independent agencies to report on how each “has and will decrease barriers to participation of Hispanics and Latinos in federal employment and student engagement opportunities.”

That is among the duties of a newly created interagency working group whose members are to produce plans “outlining measurable actions the agency will take to advance educational equity and economic opportunity for Hispanic and Latino communities, including their plans to implement” those actions.


Those plans also are to include descriptions of how the agencies “are meeting the educational needs of Hispanics and Latinos, including by encouraging the agency to incorporate best practices into appropriate discretionary programs”; how they can “address challenges facing Hispanic and Latino students and higher education institutions” brought on by the pandemic; and how they “can address discriminatory policies and practices that limit educational and economic opportunity for Hispanics and Latinos” among other requirements.

The order also creates a Presidential Advisory Commission on Advancing Educational Equity, Excellence, and Economic Opportunity for Hispanics to among other things advise on steps federal agencies can take “to improve educational opportunities and outcomes for Hispanics and Latinos.”

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