Federal Manager's Daily Report

The life experiences and lifestyle preferences of the Millennial Generation will have a major impact or working places within 10 years, a report has said, with most workplaces likely to have “far fewer workers concentrated in the same physical space and will not stick to anything like a nine-to-five, Monday-to-Friday schedule.”

“This will mean much less face-to-face interaction and a number of logistical and morale problems,” but also will relieve stresses of the traditional workplaces in some ways, says a report from Wikistrat. For example, an office move “is much less likely to be as disruptive to the workers involved as would have been the case in the past.”

As have other similar reports, it projects that workers will become less wedded to their jobs and more likely to switch employers after only a few years. That means that management can’t rely as much on internal training to fit future needs and will put a higher premium on recruiting from the outside, it said.

There also will be a premium on more experienced, highly specialized workers whose skills are in short supply, it said, predicting that employers will have to cater even more to them because they will be in even higher demand.