FEDweek IT

GSA has launched a website aggregating data on federal websites coming from a universal Google Analytics property – the Digital Analytics Program. The Digital Analytics Dashboard – analytics.usa.gov – showed over 1.3 billion visits to federal websites in the past 90 days.

The “anonymized” data comes from 300 executive branch government domains, including every cabinet department, out of about 1,350 domains, and shows that about one third of all traffic is either on mobile or tablet, an increase from 24 percent during the same period last year.


It also shows that traffic from visitors using outdated (non-HTML5) browsers is declining steadily (although IE 9 and below still make up over 10 percent of all traffic). The IRS and National Weather Service have received the most traffic this year by a huge margin, with the Social Security Administration and USAJOBs also receiving a relatively high amount of traffic. The portal is reporting data single page views as well and provides a broad snapshot of how individuals are interacting with government websites.