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OMB has issued 57 data standards as part of the DATA Act in an effort to standardize how terms are interpreted and used and financial data are recorded to get a clearer picture on how much funding agencies receive from Congress, and how much of that they are actually spending on projects and awards.

The act also requires agencies to use common government-wide data standards when posting that information to USAspending.gov – standards that aren’t currently applied across all agencies for all uses, according to OMB.


A total of 15 standards have been made available for all agencies to start using them for spending data posted to USASpending.gov, and OMB has released another 12 proposed standards along with 30 existing data elements that are in the process of being standardized.

OMB also said it proposed $84 million as part of the fiscal 2016 budget for agencies to use to speed up adoption of the DATA Act standards.