FEDweek IT

The Department of Veterans Affairs has begun transitioning IT projects into a new Veteran-focused Integration Process, or VIP, which will gradually replace the Project Management Accountability System – PMAS, for enterprise IT management of products and services this fall.

VIP, which was launched in January, has a lower oversight burden and a more flexible project management process, but will maintain existing reporting requirements, according to a VA blog post.

It called the framework “revolutionary” in that it utilizes a single release process designed to cut down on redundant review, approval and communication throughout the product lifecycle.

VIP has a three-month release cycle (versus six under PMAS) and is part of the department’s effort to adopt a more agile development method.

The VA is targeting a 50 percent on time and on-budget delivery goal for complete products as it transitions 218 products from PMAS to VIP.