FEDweek IT

The USPS inspector general has issued a white paper prepared with IBM looking at ways the Postal Service might better adapt to increasing market demands for information by leveraging a variety of information-gathering technologies and highlighting those most relevant to the postal industry.

USPS delivers over 160 million pieces of mail a year but information about physical mail is limited and the paper suggests it could play a much larger role going forward.


Mailers and consumers seek real-time information on postal products and services such as tracking and tracing of parcels and new capabilities like directing the place, date, and time of delivery, the paper argues.

It said postal management could use that information to prevent service failures, align staffing and equipment to workload, increase workplace safety, and decrease mail theft.

Information could also unlock additional capabilities for the public ranging from identity verification services to secure government transactions. Postal sensor nets could further assist with real-time mapping and traffic monitoring, according to the paper, available here: http://www.uspsoig.gov/