OPM has said that it will soon conduct one of the rare opportunities for applying for administrative law judge positions, one of the few occupations for which the government still uses the traditional “register” type hiring.

In that process applicants with certain backgrounds and skills apply for a general position rather than to a specific agency. Qualified applicants are put on a central list held by OPM and referred to agencies with vacancies based on their examination scores and location choices.

ALJs serve as impartial arbiters at regulatory and benefits-granting agencies, with the majority of them at SSA.

“The ALJ examination involves a full review of applicant qualifications, including specific legal experience and bar status, and a multi-part assessment of relevant competencies, through the use of online, proctored and in-person assessments. Applicants who pass the preliminary qualification screening and proceed past an online assessment process will then be scheduled to participate in the proctored and in-person assessments in the Washington, DC, area,” said the announcement.

Application periods typically attract a large number of applicants and the window can close quickly once a certain number of applications arrives; watch the USAJobs site for the opening.