OPM has said it will soon open one of the relatively rare windows for applications for administrative law judge positions, where the government still fills vacancies from a central list. ALJs adjudicate disputes over matters such as eligibility for benefits–most work at SSA–and the open windows typically attract a large number of applicants. While the centralized approach to federal hiring was generally replaced years ago by agency-based hiring, OPM still builds a “register” of those eligible for selection as an entry-level ALJ and who may be hired by any agency with a vacancy. As OPM explains it, “The ALJ examination involves a full review of applicant qualifications, including specific legal experience and bar status, and a multi-part assessment of relevant competencies, through the use of online, proctored and in-person assessments. Applicants who pass the preliminary qualification screening and proceed past an online assessment process will then be scheduled to participate in the proctored and in-person assessments in the Washington, DC, area.” OPM said that interested persons should watch the USAJobs site for the start of the upcoming window; the announcement will provide details about applying. The windows typically open on short notice and close quickly.