All TSP funds except the bond F fund posted gains in April, led by the international stock I fund, up 2.01 percent, while the large company stock C fund gained 0.38 percent and the small company stock S fund rose 0.28 percent. The government securities G fund gained 0.23 percent but the F fund dropped 0.73 percent. The April returns, all positive, for the lifecycle L funds were: Income, 0.3; 2020, 0.36; 2030, 0.55; 2040, 0.62; 2050, 0.69.

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Some big misses or surprises moved individual stocks. Amazon and Facebook surged this week, thanks to particularly strong quarterly results. Exxon Mobil had a big price decline due to a disappointing quarter. These companies are all in the top 10 largest holdings of the C Fund, but thanks to the inherent diversification of index funds, the ride was smoother for C Fund investors than holders of individual stocks of these companies as their results balanced out with hundreds of other companies.

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