All TSP funds posted gains in July except for the international stock I fund, which dropped 2.09 percent while the small company stock S fund rose 1.64 percent, the large company stock C fund 1.44 percent, the bond F fund 0.21 percent and the government securities G fund 0.18 percent. The monthly returns for the lifecycle L funds were: Income, 0.19; 2020, 0.21; 2030, 0.21; 2040, 0.22; 2050, 0.22.

Major corporations in the C Fund continued to report second quarter earnings late in July, and the overall results are coming in above consensus (albeit with the bar set rather low). The S&P 500, which the C Fund tracks, closed at a new all-time high last Friday the 26th – as trade headwinds continue to generate turbulence.
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