Federal employees most commonly seek help with those governing the acceptance of gifts among all ethics-related policies, the Office of Government Ethics has said.

In a report on agency ethics programs that included a survey of ethics offices asking what questions employees bring to them, gift rules were cited in the top three out of nine topics by 101 of 138—with 38 saying that was the most common.


Outside employment or activities was the second most common, cited by 86 total, of which 31 said that was the top concern. Financial disclosure reporting was third, cited by 72 total with 27 saying it was the top concern, followed by post-employment restrictions, 48 and 9, and financial conflicts of interest, 33 and 16.

The survey also found that government-wide, some 7,500 federal employees are involved in operating the ethics program in some way. Of those, only about a tenth worked on such issues full-time or nearly full-time, however.

It also found that 48 of the agencies said they need more resources for their ethics programs, most commonly staffing and IT.

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