The latest OPM data on patterns in federal retirements show that the average age has flattened off in recent years while the average length of service at retirement is continuing to decline.

The figures, through fiscal 2019, show that the average retirement age that year was 61.8, the same as the two prior years after rising from 61.3 in 2015. Average length of service at retirement was 24.9 years, a figure that has decreased steadily from 26.7 in 2015.


The figures showed 63,059 retirements of non-postal executive branch employees in fiscal 2019, the highest in the five-year period in which the low was 59,183 in 2017.

The types of retirement have varied little over that time, with about 90 percent being regular voluntary retirements, 5 percent disability and the remainder early retirements or other types of retirement such as discontinued service retirement or mandatory retirement.

Other OPM data on retirement numbers use different databases and show slightly different numbers. For example, one shows 66,322 retirements in fiscal 2019, about 3,000 more than in the report, with about the same percentage breakdown in types of retirement. That database further shows just below 48,000 retirements in the first three quarters of fiscal year 2020 which ended last September, a pace that would again produce about 66,000 over the full year.

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