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Total TSP investments and average account sizes slipped in September along with the stock market, with the average balance for a FERS account holder falling to about $152,400 and the average CSRS balance to about $164,000, down about $3,200 and $2,700, according to figures presented at the latest monthly meeting of the TSP governing board.

Total balances for the nearly 6.1 million account holders, including military personnel, fell from $663.3 billion to $651.2 billion, as the stock-based funds gave back some of their recovery from the early-year drop and pulled the lifecycle L funds down with them.


During September there also was a net transfer of nearly $3 billion out of the three stock-based funds, with $2.7 billion net moved into the most conservative of the funds, the government securities G fund.

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For most people, in most normal investment return environments, it’ll take a bit more than 25 years to build a million dollars in today’s value, with the TSP’s contribution limits in mind.

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