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The average TSP account grew by about $14,000 in 2020 for both FERS and CSRS investors while the program total crossed the $700 billion mark for the first time.

The average FERS account stood at $164,399 at year-end 2020, up from $151,116 a year earlier, while the average CSRS account rose to $175,031 from $161,101, figures from the monthly TSP board meeting show.


Overall asset allocations were unchanged, ending the year with about 30 percent in the government securities G fund, 29 percent in the large company stock C fund, 11 percent in the small company S fund, 4 percent each in the bond F fund and the international stock I fund and 22 percent collectively in the lifecycle L funds.

However, a significant swing had occurred early in the year as some investors moved money into the safety of the G fund as stock markets fell sharply as the pandemic’s first effects on the economy were felt; the G fund share rose to almost 40 percent at the end of March. Afterward the percentages started changing back as stocks recovered and some investors moved money back out of the G fund.

The total on investment at year-end was $709.6 billion, up from $632.6 billion over the year, and the total number of accounts including active and retired military personnel was just below 6.2 million, up by more than 300,000.

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