Image: Twinsterphoto/Shutterstock.com

OPM has told insurance companies participating in the FEHB program to make sure their websites and mobile applications are fully accessible to those with visual impairments, saying that some currently do not meet that standard.

In a letter to the carriers, OPM said the Rehabilitation Act prohibits it from “participating in a contractual relationship with an organization providing fringe benefits to employees that has the effect of subjecting an employee with a disability to discrimination.”


“In order for OPM to meet its ongoing commitment to prevent eligible individuals and members with visual impairments from experiencing discrimination in accessing the full benefits and services of their chosen FEHB health benefits plan,” it required carriers to certify that they meet certain industry standards or present plans for how they will meet them. The standards will apply to explanations of benefits, provider directories, messages to enrollees, and more.

“In addition, carriers will be expected to maintain that conformance, and conform to any future accessibility requirements, as applicable,” it said.

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