OPM has told agencies to begin preparations for the federal benefits open season that will run from November 14 through December 12 this year. During the open season, eligible employees may join, change plans, or change types of enrollment (between family and self-only, for example) in the FEHB; retirees who have continued that coverage may make those same changes, although generally may not newly enroll. New enrollments and changes in plans and type of enrollment are also allowed in the FEDVIP vision-dental program for both employees and retirees, and active employees (but not retirees) may sign up for dependent care and/or health care flexible spending accounts for the following year. OPM has sent agencies an open season checklist, frequently asked questions and other resources, while reminding them that the once commonly-distributed Guide to Federal Benefits is no longer printed but is available only online. OPM said agencies should point out that the “summary of benefits and coverage” on each FEHB plan contains information about premiums and other potential costs, covered services and rights of enrollees, among other information.