The annual federal benefits open season starts next Monday (November 14) and runs through December 12. During that time, FEHB-eligible persons can change plans or change types or levels of coverage and active employees can enroll if not already in the program (retirees generally cannot newly enroll). The open season also allows new enrollments or enrollment changes in FEDVIP vision-dental insurance program for both active employees and retirees. The enrollee share of FEHB premiums is increasing on average by 6.2 percent, while in FEDVIP vision plan rates are increasing by 6.3 percent and dental plan rates by 1.9 percent, on average. While the government pays about 70 percent of the total cost of FEHB premiums, FEDVIP premiums are at the enrollee’s sole cost. However, in both programs there is wide variation in changes, with rates in some FEHB plans decreasing somewhat. Coverage terms are largely stable, as are out of pocket costs. The open season does not apply to the FEGLI life insurance program or to the FLTCIP long-term care insurance program; there was a rare FEGLI open season in September, and a special “enrollee decision period” ended September 30 for FLTCIP enrollees hit by premium increases in that program—all but a few percent of enrollees, excluding mainly those who enrolled since July 2015—that took effect yesterday.