The Thrift Savings Plan’s common stock C fund had the second-best month in the history of the program in March, posting a 9.74 percent gain that brought its 12-month return to 17.74 percent. The gain, which followed losses of about 5 percent and 2 percent in January and February, was the strongest return since the C fund’s creation in 1988 except for an 11.41 percent gain in December 1991. There have been only two other months with gains exceeding 8 percent—8.83 percent in July 1989 and 9.44 percent in May 1990. The government securities G fund gained 0.55 percent in March for a 12-month return of 6.37 percent, and the bond F fund gained 1.32 percent for a 12-month return of 1.86 percent. Meanwhile, money in the G fund is being invested at a 6.25 percent annual rate in April.