OPM has opened a month-long special donation period in the Combined Federal Campaign and has authorized a leave-sharing program for victims of the recent severe winter weather and resulting power outages and water shortages in Texas and nearby states.

“A nationwide special solicitation will allow federal employees to voluntarily support not only the local nonprofits in the state of Texas but also to support non-profits nationwide who are responding to the devastation caused by the severe winter storm. All non-profits included in this Special Solicitation have been vetted and approved to participate in the 2020 Combined Federal Campaign,” OPM said in a memo to agencies.


It said that all donations will go directly to the charities with no distribution charge; funds pledged will be paid out by the 15th of the month following their receipt by the CFC; pledges will be accepted from employees who did not donate through the regular annual CFC campaign last fall; and those making ongoing payroll allotments to the CFC can donate additional amounts for the special solicitation. Donations may be made through https://cfcgiving.opm.gov/welcome.

Under an emergency leave-sharing program, individual agencies determine which employees are affected and how much donated annual leave they need. If an agency does not receive sufficient amounts of donated annual leave to meet the needs of its employees, OPM can coordinate the transfer of leave among agencies.