fedweek.com | congress quiet so far on 40K buyout proposal

Neither the House nor Senate have moved so far on the administration’s request to add language to the pending DoD authorization bill to boost the maximum federal employee buyout payment to $40,000 government-wide.

The House has passed its version of the bill (HR-2810) with only an extension of DoD’s already existing authority to pay that higher amount by another three years, through fiscal 2021. The Senate meanwhile has released details of its version of the bill (S-1519) with no language addressing buyouts.


The Senate measure further does not repeat language it included last year–ultimately dropped after opposition from the House–to restrict veterans preference in hiring to only an individual’s first competitive service job.

Such language could yet be added to the measure, but typically personnel-related provisions originate in the Armed Services Committees.

The House bill meanwhile would restore an exception to the general policy against hiring military retirees into federal jobs within 180 days of their retirement. Authority to waive that restriction based on an “emergency” situation was repealed only last year at the Senate’s initiative, out of concern that it was being overused.