Nearly 1 percent of TSP account holders have balances of $1 million or more in the latest accounting, exceeding the number as of the end of calendar year 2019—which had been reduced by stock market losses in the early months of this year.

The accounting through September shows 55,183 accounts of that size—out of a total of just under 5.9 million—compared with 49,600 through last December. The number had fallen to some 27,200 through March and 45,200 through June.


The number of accounts between $750,000 and $1 million meanwhile rose to 77,673, about 3,000 above the December total and up from about 58,000 and 71,600 in the following two quarters. There were 180,417 accounts valued between $500,000 and $750,000, compared with about 176,600 in December and 149,100 and 171,000 afterward.

As in prior accountings, the average number of years of investing for those in the $1 million and above range was nearly 30 years, followed by 27, 24 and 21 in the three following categories.

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