Decisions on Locality Component of Raise Pending

President Obama’s late-August recommendation to split a January 1.6 percent federal pay raise–which under his order will be paid by default unless a law is enacted by year’s end to override it—into across the board and locality components leaves the exact size of the raise in a given area still to be decided. The across the board component would be 1 percent, while funds for the other 0.6 percent would be divided by GS locality. That likely would yield raises in the range of about 1.4 to 1.8 percent, with certain city areas at the top end and the catchall “rest of the U.S.” locality outside the designated city areas at the bottom end. The exact numbers will not be known until after an upcoming Bureau of Labor Statistics report to the Federal Salary Council. That happens at an annual meeting of that council, which most commonly happens in October or November—this year’s date hasn’t been announced.