Image: MaDedee/Shutterstock.com

The Biden administration has told federal agencies to restart diversity and inclusiveness type training programs that had been effectively suspended government-wide since last fall by the Trump administration.

An executive order and OMB memos at the time required agencies to submit materials used in such training for OPM to review their content for what the prior administration deemed anti-American concepts or those that involved scapegoating and stereotyping. That order was among the Trump federal workforce directives President Biden revoked soon after taking office, an action that made moot the OMB memos, says new guidance from OPM.

“Agencies are, therefore, no longer required to submit training material to OPM for approval and may also resume using training materials previously deemed ‘non-compliant,’” under the Trump order, the guidance says.

The superseding order further told agencies to review and identify proposed and existing agency actions related to or arising from Trump’s order “and within 60 days, consider suspending, revising, or rescinding those actions,” it says.

“Moving forward, OPM will play a critical leadership role in the administration’s governmentwide efforts to advance diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility (DEIA) and we encourage all agencies to continue DEIA activities which include training and educating your workforce,” it says.

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