Fort Mead, MD, August 2017: A sign outside a secured complex near Washington, DC announces the NSA and other intelligence agencies.

The percentage of women and minority employees working in the intelligence community increased slightly in 2018 but both, particularly the latter, remain under-represented in the mid-management and higher levels.

A report from the Director of National Intelligence, covering 17 intelligence agencies, shows that the share of women increased for the first time in four years, from 38.5 to 38.8 percent, while women accounted for 41.2 percent of new hires. They account for only 30.7 percent of those in senior pay levels however.


Minority representation increased from 25.5 to 26.2 percent as the share of new hired\s increased by one percentage point to 27.9. However, they fill only 14.1 percent of senior pay level positions.

In comparison, the report said that women make up 43.2 percent and minorities make up 36.4 percent of the overall federal workforce. The report did not break out percentages by level, although prior reports from OPM have shown a similar pattern of decreasing representation by grade level.