Following a court ruling, the Labor Department has suspended parts of the Trump administration’s order restricting the content of diversity and inclusiveness type training.

The action affects requirements under the order that agencies monitor such training administered by their grantees and contractors with the potential for making them ineligible for violations of the order, as well as a hotline that had been set up by Labor itself to receive allegations of violations.


The suspension follows an injunction issued by a federal district court in California in one of many suits against the order, which bars among other things training that involves what it calls race or sex stereotyping or scapegoating. The order applied in the federal and military workplaces as well, resulting in a general suspension of such training pending a review of OPM of the training materials used.

Agency IGs have issued a series of reports in recent weeks on agency compliance with the order, generally finding that they have revised internal policies accordingly.

However, the order is one of the many Trump administration initiatives that the Biden administration is expected to overturn.

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