DoD has started a new Public-Private Talent Exchange program under which its civilian employees can take temporary assignments with certain private sector entities and employees of those entities in turn can be detailed to DoD.

The program, ordered in the fiscal 2017 DoD authorization bill, allows for assignments lasting between three months and two years, with possible extension of up to another two years “to meet critical mission requirements.”

“The PPTE is open to DoD civilian employees at the general schedule grade 12 level and above (or equivalent) and at the federal wage system journeyman level and above. DoD employees and private-sector employees must have knowledge, skills, and abilities to be considered a subject matter expert in their occupational field, perform and meet or exceed all performance standards established at the fully successful level or above,” a fact sheet says.

DoD employees further must complete either a confidential or public financial disclosure report, whichever applies; agree to a service obligation on return of twice the length of the assignment; and undergo ethics training and other applicable training. Private sector employees coming into the department would have to do the same; further, they will not be allowed to supervise DoD employees.

The program will be broader than previous exchange programs, it adds, such as one that excludes for-profit private sector organizations and another that is exclusively for IT and cyber workers.