The House oversight committee also approved what would be the most significant changes in federal equal employment opportunity policies in years, HR-1557, with an emphasis on disciplinary actions against those who discriminate or retaliate against an employee who supported another employee’s allegations of discrimination. Under the bill, where there is a finding of discrimination or retaliation, an agency would have to refer the case to the Office of Special Counsel for possible prosecution of the individuals responsible, report to Congress on whether disciplinary action was taken; include the finding in that individual’s personnel record; and post the details on the agency’s website in a clear and prominent way for at least one year afterward. The bill also would bar agencies from having the investigation and other handling of discrimination complaints handled by either the HR or general counsel’s office, although those offices could provide advice; make the EEO office report directly to the head of the agency; and require agencies to create an electronic tracking system for complaints, including whether any disciplinary actions were taken in response.