A survey of federal employees has again found that the TSP, retirement annuities and FEHB health insurance are the most highly valued benefits and that employees overall view them as meeting their needs and as providing a good value.

The TSP was rated as important or extremely important by 96 percent, retirement annuities (FERS or CSRS) by 95 percent, FEHB coverage in retirement by 92 percent and FEHB in general by 90 percent. At the bottom were dependent care and health care flexible spending accounts, at 22 and 39 percent; the most notable changes from 2017 were that the FEDVIP dental and vision insurance programs gained 5 and 4 percentage points.


Similarly, the FEHB was viewed as meeting needs to a great or moderate extent by 96 percent and the TSP by 93 percent; while the TSP was rated a good or excellent value by 88 percent and FEHB by 74 percent (since the survey went only to active employees they were not asked whether the FERS or CSRS annuities met their needs or were a good value).

Those results from last year’s Federal Employee Benefits Survey were consistent with prior versions of the survey, which is administered once every several years. Also consistent with past surveys, the FEHB was a moderate or great influence on 70 percent of respondents’ decisions to take a federal job and was even more influential in a decisions to remain with the government, cited as a moderate or great influence by 79 percent. The figures for availability of retirement annuities were 79 and 89 percent, and for the TSP 69 and 82 percent.

About 10,000 employees, a fifth of those receiving the survey, responded to it.

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