OPM has told agencies that they may accept belated elections after the September 30 end of the FEGLI open season if the employee was unable to make a timely election for “reasons beyond his or her control”—without specifying what such reasons might be. If the agency makes such a determination the employee would have 60 days to make a choice from that point, but no later than March 31, 2017. Separately, belated elections will be allowed for employees called to active duty before October 1, or those sent overseas before that date in their civilian capacity in support of a military operation. They may make an election within 60 days after returning to their civilian position or returning to a position not in an overseas military support capacity, even after March 31, 2017. Such choices, as with elections during September, will be effective the first pay period of October 2017. OPM also authorized agencies to accept corrections in enrollments, for example by those who accidentally waive a type of coverage by not signing up for all the coverage they want when electing to begin or increase a different type of coverage. Such changes would be made by filing a new election form specifying all coverage desired and would have to be made before November 11, 2017.