A 1940 census worker counts a family | Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/uscensusbureau/7024455469/

OMB is encouraging agencies to allow their employees to take temporary second jobs associated with the 2020 Census, saying that will “not only allow the Census Bureau to have access to a larger pool of potential applicants, but also enable it to capitalize upon the vast experience that federal workers have to offer.”

“This initiative proved to be an important source of manpower for the 2010 Census, where partnerships were established with 81 federal agencies. The Census Bureau dually-employed 6,406 federal employees, along with 16,172 state, local, and tribal government employees nationwide,” OMB said in a memo to agencies.


“Decennial census appointments are short-term and allow flexible working hours, with most work conducted in the evenings and on weekends. Employment with the Census Bureau must not interfere with employees’ responsibilities or performance in their primary positions, as this is a second job and the responsibilities and obligations of their primary position take precedence. Current federal employees are not eligible to earn additional benefits for retirement, health, or life insurance in conjunction with their temporary census appointments,” it added.

The memo encouraged agencies to coordinate with the Census Bureau to have processes in place to approve moonlighting by their employees before census-related hiring begins in January.