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The FEDVIP dental-vision insurance program will add two new dental plans and one new vision plan for the 2021 plan year, bringing the numbers to 12 and five, respectively, although there has been no word regarding the much larger FEHB program’s offerings for next year.

OPM recently announced that it has issued new seven-year contracts with providers in the FEDVIP program, in which federal employees and retirees may have one or both types of coverage, which comes at their own cost. OPM did not announce premium rates, however.


The open season for making elections for the 2021 plan year will run November 9 to December 14 in both the FEDVIP and FEHB programs; the latter has a far higher enrollment rate and a much wider selection of plans—some 280, the large majority of which however are regional.

The FEHB program has been stable overall in terms of number of offerings in recent years, commonly with only several additions and several dropouts—in some cases because of mergers by carriers.

OPM typically announces the available plan offerings and premium rates along with general changes in coverage and other terms in mid to late September, with plan by plan details available just ahead of the start of the open season.

During the open season employees (but not retirees) also may elect health care and/or dependent care flexible spending accounts for the following year. Unlike in FEHB and FEDVIP, where elections continue year to year unless changed, new FSA elections are required each year.

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